Welcome to the world of MixUp DressUp

So we finally have our first app in the iTunes App Store! It is an interactive dress-up app that lets players create hundreds of different dress-up combinations by just swiping their fingers. Also, players can record their voice so that they can add their own cool comments! Get it now – it’s FREE!!!

Mix-Up Dress-Up is a fun and child-friendly app. There are NO ads and NO links to Facebook or email. Absolutely NO information is collected about the user – personal or otherwise.

15 different girls

To dress up, with 3 different skin tones. There are over 3,300 possible outfits

Record Your Own Sounds

Players can record their name, a ‘poke phrase’ and up to five comments. The game comes with built-in sounds from Anna and Ava to serve as an example.

7 whimsical backgrounds

Victorian Parlor, Medieval Castle, Cityscape, Mountains, Enchanted Forest, Colorful Hearts, and Dots & Cubes

Save Your Creations

Save pictures of favorite Mix-Up Dress-Up creations to your photo album.


Opening Screen for the App
Screenshot for the iPad
Screenshot for the iPad
Screenshot for the iPad

Background for MixUp DressUp

The girls and I had found a lot of fun dress-up apps for the iPad but we often ran into the problem that the controls were a little too complicated for my youngest, Ava. We wanted to make something that would require no instructions, since she couldn’t read at the time, and very little fine motor control. We also liked some of the dress-up apps that said encouraging phrases like “nice outfit” and “good job”. However, we thought these were a little stuffy and we could make them more fun. So we had Anna and Ava create their own phrases and, well, they are certainly interesting. Once we showed people the app the first response was always “Can I add my own voice as well?”, so we added the ability to record your own phrases and comments, which ended up taking much longer than the rest of the app combined! But I think it was worth it because it becomes an activity in itself.

These are some of the original drawings Ava and Anna made for the app

Ava with her iPad
One of Anna's drawings
One of Ava's drawings
One of Ava's drawings

Anna with her iPad
One of Anna's drawings
One of Anna's drawings
One of Anna's Drawings