Welcome to the support page for the MixUp DressUp iPad app

Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Below there is a list of common questions and answers and our super simple privacy policy.  But feel free to skip all that and just send us a message!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do all the buttons at the top of the screen do?

Random Outfit

When this button is pressed, a random head, outfit and shoes are put together.  Keep pressing this button to come out with crazy combinations!!

Change Background

This button switches the background for the girl. Keep pressing to find your favorite!

Take A Picture

This button takes a picture of your creation and saves it to your iPad photo gallery.

Change Voices

Press this button to change which voice you hear while making outfits. Keep pressing until you hear “no voice” to turn off comments altogether.

Record Your Voice

Press this button to go to the Record Your Voice screen. This screen gives you the chance to add your voice to the game.

Can I reset all of the settings?

If you double click on the “header” area of the app without clicking directly on a button, you can reset all of the settings for the app. That includes resetting the first time instructions to appear and removing any custom sounds. A pop-up box will confirm that a reset has taken place.

Do I have to record all 5 comments in order to add my own voice?

No, to add your own voice you just need to record 3 things: your name, your “poke” phrase and at least one comment.

What is a “poke” phrase?

The poke phrase gets said when the user taps or “pokes” on the dress rather than sliding across. So you might want to say something like “don’t poke me” or “Quit tapping on me”

Our Privacy Policy

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My sole goal as an app developer is to make my kids proud of what we are doing. I would never put anything in an app that would jeopardize that.